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LensCulture Emerging Talent Award 2019

Now in the 6th year, LensCulture’s Emerging Talent Awards are seeking for the world’s top 25 emerging photographers for 2019.

Since year one, these awards have put hundreds of emerging photographers in a spotlight on the world stage. If you think you are ready for international recognition, these are the awards that can help get you there.

The work of 25 outstanding talents from all cultures, all points of view, all genres, with no age limit, will be selected by an international jury. All winning photographers will be exhibited in November, 2019 at Galerie Joseph during Paris Photo — the largest international art fair dedicated to the photographic medium! An opening reception will be held for artists, invited media, photo editors and industry insiders for a night of art appreciation and networking during the world’s largest international art fair dedicated to photography.

Other benefits include projections at international photography festivals, inclusion in our third major book, The Best of LensCulture, Volume 4, and—for everyone who enters—free feedback about your project from a photography professional in the form of a personal written review!

Each jury member will select one photographer as a Jury Pick, to receive a $2,000 grant. A total of $16,000 will be awarded in grants.

LensCulture is seeking entries from members of the global photography community who have yet to receive exposure at an international level, aiming at discovering fresh and inspiring visions from the next great image-makers.

LensCulture Emerging Talent Award 2019 – Entry Fees

Each mini-series entry costs $35 (for up to five photos reviewed as a single entry). Each series entry costs $60 (for a related series of 10 photos).

Currently enrolled students get a 30% discount.