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MADFAB – MIT’s Annual Design + Fabrication Competition

MADFAB is a new design competition in which students design a piece of furniture that becomes a permanent part of the campus. This year’s challenge: design a digitally fabricated low table or bench for the MIT Student Center. Registration is free.

MADFAB is open to any MIT graduate or undergraduate student, as individuals or in teams.


Design a digitally fabricated low table or bench for the MIT Student Center.


Winners Receive:

  • Cash prizes: $1000 first place, $500 second place, $250 third place.
  • Winning piece featured at the prestigious Furniture Society’s Conference, held at MIT 16-19 June 2010
  • Permanent recognition. The winning design will be kept as a permanent collection to be used in the student center with a plaque crediting the designers.


  • Design must be original and new.
  • Design that is functional, durable, and able to be fabricated with CNC equipment in the Architecture Wood Shop or MIT Hobby Shop.
  • Detailing that expresses how CNC fabrication informs design using sheet material, i.e. plywood, MDF, flake board, cardboard, sheet metal, and plastics.
  • Bonus for efficient, cost effective use of material and or reuse of discarded materials.

MADFAB : How it works?

How to enter?

  • Download the registration form.
  • Email the form to Ken Stone at
  • Sign-up for the MADFAB mailing list to receive updates and information throughout the competition.
  • Participants must sign a release form when they submit their proposal.