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Project Never – Rejection Never Felt This Good 2009 – 2010

Project Never is a free awards competition created by graphic designers for graphic designers. Thousands of effective designs die each day – often for good reason. At the same time, successful designers and agencies generate many worthy ideas for each project or campaign, only one of which gets chosen for wider audiences. Project Never honors the most creative design concept that never reached production.

For all the disagreements. For all the hassles. For every time your best concept got slapped away with a casual, “we’re not going in that direction.” For every time you heard “no.”


Graphic designers – upload your best rejected project. For the first time, there’s an award that could give it the fame it deserves.

Please describe what your concept was intended to do, had it reached its target audience(s). By the way – the point is not to blame anyone – clients, superiors, and professors usually have valid reasons for choosing how they choose, and they are often limited to choosing one among many concepts. Sometimes, though, for whatever reason, we feel the sting of a great concept left behind. Consider this its second chance.


Awards and accolades will be given to the graphic designer or design team whose unused gem outshines all others. In addition to the winner, the judges will also recognize a handful of other noteworthy submissions.

The winner will be profiled on, including judges’ commentary, a bio of the designer and/or their company, as well as a link to their website. Additionally, the winner will receive:

In total, the Project Never winner will receive almost $2,000 worth of merchandise and subscriptions. The winner will also receive a custom-built award – and have the honor of Project Never Designer of the Year.


  • Entries may be submitted from any country, but must be presented in English.
  • Anyone may submit, as long as the design concepts were developed between 1 January 2009 and 1 March 2010. Submissions must be projects, designs, or concepts that were proposed, but not mass-produced for an executed campaign.
  • Project Never will accept any print or web concepts. Please use your creativity to present your work, as it is an integral part of our judging. There are many ways to submit your concept and we value creative presentation.
  • Please submit all files in either .jpg or .pdf format.
  • Total file size must be under 5mb.
  • A project description (50-200 words) is also required. Please give us a brief overview of the project and its intended use had it gone into production.

How to enter?

  1. Download and complete the interactive Project Never entry form.
  2. Enter your concept using the upload form. Entries consist of both an entry form and a concept – incomplete entries will not be accepted.
  3. Send your completed entry form to Don’t forget to put your name/business in the subject line.