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Rethink Scholarship 2010 – Langara College

Rethink Communications and Langara College are once again offering an $18,000 scholarship to Langara College’s two-year full-time Communication and Ideation (CID) program to aspiring art directors and designers.

The CID program focuses on developing creative thinking to produce big ideas. The program is a modern holistic educational approach to the graphic design, art direction, advertising and creative industries.

We’ll be judging the winner based on one thing: a sketchbook. The sketchbook can be any size in terms of width and height, but it must have a hard black cover. Also, the number of pages in the book might vary depending on where you get it, though it should not exceed 250.

Remember not to worry about filling out the whole book, because a few brilliant ideas are always better than a huge pile of mediocre work. If you’re having trouble finding a blackbook, you can pick one up at any Opus framing and Art Supplies location.

Your job is to put your most interesting ideas into that sketchbook to demonstrate what you can do. Your book should also tell us something about who you are.


The Communication and Ideation Design (CID) program is a modern educational approach to the Graphic Design, Art Direction, Advertising and creative industries. It provides a holistic interpretation of design education where each class builds upon the previous one, to expand the creative process. Particular attention is focused on ideation, which is the process of initiating, developing, and refining ideas. Ideation is an integral component to the design process.

Classes are structured around the connectivity of the curriculum as well as a wider approach to today’s modern designer. The curriculum incorporates communication for design and human interaction, with regards to digital (web pages) and physical realms (graphic and information design print, publication, wayfinding, exhibition and experiential design). All aspects of typographic issues are thoroughly explored, including visual applications of multilingual concerns. As a result of the learning outcomes, graduates will be at the intermediate or advanced level in the profession.

The CID program offers both full-time and part-time options. Students can complete the full-time program (20 classes) in 4 terms over 2 years, or part-time depending on the flexibility of their schedule.


To enter the contest, submit a black hard cover sketchbook containing interesting ideas showcasing your creativity. Plain and simple, we want a book that amazes us. Here’s a few criteria we’ll be judging the books on:

  • Clarity. Both in your idea(s) and your execution.
  • Relevance. Keep in mind the program you’re applying to.
  • How fresh the thinking is.
  • Quality not quantity. Don’t show us every idea you’ve ever
  • had please.
  • The craft and execution of your work.


Win an $18,000 scholarship for art directors and designers.


  • You must have a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • You must be 19 years of age by 1 September 2010.
  • You must be available to begin full-time classes starting the September 2010 semester.
  • If you’re an international student you’re welcome to apply, but your scholarship will be contingent upon issue of a valid student visa.
  • Your application to a communication arts program should, well, communicate, artistically.
  • Give your book an idea (or ideas) beyond your bio. If we wanted that we’d just steal your diary.
  • Don’t use the entire book if there’s no reason to. Remember that a few great ideas will always beat an entire book filled with mediocre work.
  • Pen and paper aren’t your only options. Sculptures, photos, interactive, it’s all fair game.
  • It never hurts to show us your thinking, we like seeing how you got to what you’re presenting.

How to enter?

Download the submission form, fill it out and include it with your book.

Mail your book to:

The Rethink Scholarship
700-470 Granville St.
Vancouver, BC
V6C 1V5