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MA/IN 2017 – MAtera INtermedia Festival

The artistic collective LOXOSconcept, with the support of the “E.R. Duni” Conservatory in Matera, promotes the second edition of MA/IN 2017 [MAtera INtermedia festival].

The MA/IN 2017 festival will take place in the city of Matera [European Capital of Culture 2019], in early December at the conservatory “E.Duni” and at the Casa Cava concert hall.

A total amount of 500 Euro will be shared between the best works. The prize is to be considered as a small reimburse of travel cost.

All authors and performers of any age and nationality can submit works in one of these categories:

  • Acousmatic ~ fixed media music
  • Mixed Media ~ for instruments and electronics [fixed or live]
  • AudioVisual ~ works with pre-prepared video and music. The video part can be of any kind
  • LivePerformance/SoundArt ~ works that include electronics and other elements. Sound Installation are allowed

An international jury, composed by renowned artists, will select the best works and will give also prizes and special mentions.

Works should be submitted only in electronic form, only through the online submission system at the official website.

MA/IN 2017 – MAtera INtermedia Festival – Entry Fee

The entry fee is 15 Euro for the first piece of work entered, and 10 Euro for each subsequent work (even in different categories).