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Marbles Game Design Competition 2014

Marbles: The Brain Store is seeking for innovative pattern game designs through its 4th annual game design competition “Who’s Got Game?”. Innovative game design that is not only fun and engaging, but also promotes challenging and brain-healthy play is welcome.

The winner will receive a $2,000 Grand Prize, production and distribution costs of the winning design covered by Marbles The Brain Store, the winning game to be sold exclusively at Marbles the Brain Store, and 5% of all game sales.

The Competition is based around tabletop game design, with following considerations for the design:

  • It needs to be for (at maximum) 1-2 players
  • It needs to be brain healthy (by which we mean, it needs to: improve focus and attention, enhance creativity, help people become better multitaskers – anything that encourages mental stimulation and brain building!)
  • It needs to be unique (if it’s based on a classic game, that’s totally OK, but there needs to be a twist – something that makes the game feel different and more awesome than anything ever played before!)
  • It needs to be adult-friendly (kids can – and should – enjoy the game too, but adults should be able to play it without any kids around and still have fun)
  • It needs to be easy to learn, but hard to master (for example, think about the classic game of chess: the pieces are always the same, but the game almost never is)
  • At the core, it needs to focus on patterns. For example, it might be a game or toy that:
    • Asks you to quickly recreate a pattern
    • Draws on your memory or use of math-based formulas to solve a puzzle
    • Requires you to use elaborate or planned sequences to score points
  • And lastly, it needs to be fun! (But you probably already knew that.)

This year Marbles are partnering with National Geographic Channel and their television show Brain Games. They will be announcing the winner on the air this season.