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Maximillian Gallery 2010 Speed Racer International Art Competition

Maximillian Gallery 2010 Speed Racer International Art Competition! offers you the opportunity to create art based on the classic Speed Racer cartoon and win in the competition, have the original Speed Racer art you create sold, have your artwork published and made available for sale as a Limited Edition print, perhaps even have the Speed Racer art you create licensed for use on products and apparel… All the while gaining valuable exposure for you and your art.

It’s an exciting competition and Maximillian Gallery is look forward to your participation!


The purpose of this exciting competition is to offer all artists worldwide, from emerging to established, the opportunity to enter the competition to create authorized new art inspired by the classic Speed Racer cartoon. This new original art will be available for sale to Speed Racer fans and art collectors worldwide, with the added opportunity to become limited edition art and/or licensed art on products and apparel.

Art categories you can enter and win in are:

  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • Photography
  • Digital
  • Print (etching, lithograph, silkscreen, linoleum cut, woodcut, monotype…)
  • Sculpture
  • Video


During the first week of November 2010, a total of 7 winners shall be selected in each category, for a total of 49 winners.

Many ways to win:

  • Art panelists winners,
  • Public vote winners and
  • Gallery Founder Winner


  • The 2010 Speed Racer competition is open to all artists worldwide, 18 years of age and older as of 10 August 2010.
  • Any participant under 18 must have permission of and entry form completed by parent or legal guardian.
  • Emerging and established artists are invited to enter.
  • Multiple entries can be made in as many categories as desired.
  • Submitted art must include Speed Racer Classic intellectual property (e.g. Speed Racer trademarks and/or copyrights including names, images, characters, etc. from the classic Speed Racer animated property) in the following categories: Painting, Drawing, Photography, Digital, Print (etching, lithograph, silkscreen, linoleum cut, woodcut, monotype…), Sculpture and Video (video must be 1 minute or under in length including credits).
  • The art can be cutting edge but must follow the spirit of existing Speed Racer art, and nothing offensive, pornographic, damaging to the goodwill of the Speed Racer property, etc. will be accepted or posted, and all art submitted will be approved by Maximillian Gallery and Speed Racer Enterprises in their sole and exclusive discretion prior to being made live once the competition deadline is reached and art is posted.
  • If art is rejected, Maximillian Gallery, at its discretion, may inform artist the reasoning for rejection and permit artist an opportunity to re-submit new art for approval.

How to enter?

Enter the 2010 Speed Racer competition through its official website.

Entry fee

Each entry submitted by 31 October 2010 is $35. Each additional entry is $25.