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What’s Bubbling? 2011 Kitchen Tools Design Competition

World Kitchen’s annual What’s Bubbling? International Design Competition explores and celebrates the role of food, its preparation and enjoyment, in today’s world.

The 2011 What’s Bubbling? theme, “Kitchen Tools,” highlights the preparation, cooking, and serving of food with tools designed to suit the realities of 21st century living.

Your are invited to explore new needs and opportunities in their cultural context to achieve innovation in both function and form.


World Kitchen invites you to redefine the kitchen tools for preparing, cooking and serving food, making them more space-efficient, time sensitive and versatile for today’s home chef and their cooking needs. Whether your design helps a cook to shape pasta, marinate meats, create a stir fry, flip burgers, or dish out soup, think about the cultural heritage you want to reflect and define its modern reality as you identify and design your concept.

When preparing your submission for What’s Bubbling?, World Kitchen would like you to consider:

  • How could a tool suit your cultural heritage with the world’s new realities to improve the home chef’s experience?
  • Are there new activities, needs and opportunities for efficiency and better quality to enhance the chef’s accomplishments?
  • Can you make meal preparation and serving easier, faster, more affordable, and more space-efficient?
  • Do we need new tools, even ones that serve more than one function, to increase versatility and value to the consumer?

The judges will evaluate your entry based on the following official criteria:

  • Opportunity Identification and Research
  • Innovation
  • User Experience, such as ergonomics and safety
  • Appropriate Aesthetics
  • Manufacturability, including environmental considerations in material choices and energy used


Three Top Awards each include:

  • A check for $6,000 USD;
  • Round-trip economy class airfare, for one, to Chicago, IL USA to attend our award ceremony at the International Home + Housewares Show® in Chicago, Illinois, between March 6 and 8 March 2011;
  • A hotel stay of two nights for that event for one; and
  • $250.00 to cover other travel-related expenses during your stay for the ceremonies
  • Publicity:
    • Press announcement and presentation on the What’s Bubbling web site;
    • The right to use a special What’s Bubbling winner logo for personal promotional use; and
    • Information about your design in the World Kitchen exhibit at the 2011 International Home + Housewares Show®.
  • Honorable Mentions:
    • Honorable Mentions may be awarded at the judges’ discretion, to be recognized on the web site and with the right to publish a What’s Bubbling Honorable Mention logo.


  • You are eligible to enter the What’s Bubbling? competition if:
    • You are over 18 years of age or the age of majority in your jurisdiction of residence;
    • You are eligible to enter based on U.S. law;
    • You are not a resident of a country under U.S. embargo, including Cuba, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria;
    • You are not employed by or affiliated with World Kitchen and its affiliates or as specified in the Official Rules.
    • See Official Rules for additional requirements and restrictions.
  • You may enter designs that are:
    • Your original work;
    • Have not previously won an honor or award in any competition;
    • Single artifacts, entire product lines or whole systems; and
    • Focused on enhancing the food preparation experience.
    • See Official Rules for additional requirements and restrictions.

How to enter?

Please be careful to read the What’s Bubbling? entry submission form before you start, so that you understand fully the kinds of materials you will need to submit. Only enter each design once. Do not send in duplicate entries.

To enter, go to the official website and submit:

  • Visuals, as defined in the official rules;
  • A summary statement; and
  • Descriptions of how your design concept meets the criteria.