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Michelin Challenge Design 2013

Michelin North America is proud to announce the 2013 edition of the annual Michelin Challenge Design to celebrate, promote, publicize and give visibility to original creative thinking and innovation in vehicle design. Michelin challenges the international design community, individuals, small and large companies and universities, to enthusiastically create innovative and aesthetically pleasing design solutions that will meet the theme requirements of the Michelin Challenge Design 2013: HALF! Lightweight with a Passion.

By embracing and supporting design, Michelin aims to establish a closer relationship with the design community, combining technical innovation with transportation design to create vehicles that consumers want to buy and will enjoy driving.

Create Innovative and Aesthetically Pleasing Design Solutions on the theme: HALF! Lightweight with a Passion

As consumers and governments push for dramatic gains in fuel efficiency, the automotive industry is looking to design and develop lightweight next-generation vehicles.

Participants are asked to explore lightweight vehicle development by designing a family vehicle capable of transporting between four and six people, meeting consumer demands for safety and comfort, usable on the current road infrastructure, and production feasible using materials, powertrain solutions, or manufacturing solutions that are in use today or in development for use in the foreseeable future.

Michelin is looking for exciting and passionate designs that employ innovative vehicle architecture for weight reduction, without compromising safety or comfort. The vehicle’s lightweight characteristics must extend to the tire/wheel assembly, including dimensional specifications and visual detail of the tire/wheel assembly.


  1. 2D renderings/drawings/sketches illustrating vehicle architecture from a minimum of three perspectives—at least one with context of people and intended driving environment.
  2. 2D renderings/drawings/sketches illustrating the tire and wheel assembly from a minimum of three perspectives, including dimensions and specifications.
  3. Description of materials or manufacturing process enabling the innovation.
  4. A brief (200 word) essay on the envisioned targeted usage and benefits, as well as expected trends for the size of wheels and tires in the future.

Michelin Challenge Design is open to residents of any country. For more info, hop to the official website.