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MINI Space Product Design Competition

To celebrate the launch of the brand new MINI, with its exclusive feature, MINI Space is opening up their platform to ask you, the MINI fan and valued creative talent, what you would put on the brand new MINI Center Rail of the MINI Countryman. What is something that you don’t want to leave home without and always want to have at your fingertips?

Be involved in the design and debut of the 4th MINI. Win a trip to Paris. See your design at the Paris Motor Show 2010.

How? Enter the MINI Space Product Design competition.


This year, MINI will be adding a long-awaited fourth member to the MINI family: the MINI Countryman. This brand new crossover model combines typical MINI design with the enhanced size and all-wheel drive of a modern Sports Activity Vehicle. It’s also the first model in the MINI range with four side doors and a wide-opening rear lid.

The MINI Countryman follows the MINI tradition of creative use of space with new clever solutions like the unique feature, the MINI Center Rail.

The MINI Center Rail connects the front with the rear of the vehicle, in both form and function. It runs between the left and right seats, providing a platform to stash lots of favorite items conveniently and securely. For example, it can serve as a cable-management system that lets you charge your mp3 player, cell phone, and other electronic items, easily and without a mess of cords. But the possibilities are basically endless for what you can hook up to it. The people at MINI have already thought up some pretty clever variations like: a sunglasses case, cup holder, and even an iPod cradle, making all those items close and accessible to the driver and passengers while perched on the MINI Center Rail.


Create a 2D concept for a feature to be added to the MINI Center Rail of the MINI Countryman. The design can be made out of any type of still media (photographic, illustration, graphic, etc.) as long as you have the rights to all design elements that you use.

You must use one of the required template layers as the basis of your design.


  • Jury Prize 1: A trip to Paris for two and passes to the Paris Motor Show in October of 2010. Airfare and 3 nights at a hotel are included. Your idea will be made into a prototype and debuted at the Paris Motor Show with your name credited.
  • Jury Prize 2 & 3: An Apple Macbook Pro. Your idea will be made into a prototype and debuted at the Paris Motor Show with your name credited.
  • Jury Prize 4 & 5: An iPod touch.
  • Popular Vote Prize 6: iTunes store credit equivalent to approximately 100 songs. Popular votes are awarded by members of the MINI Space community.

Once submitted our jury will select their favorite concepts to win. Winning submissions will be rendered to 3D by the MINI design team, and finally transformed into an actual prototype product. These top three prototypes will be shown on the MINI Center Rail of the MINI Countryman at the Paris Motor Show in October 2010. Your name will also be credited on the display at the Paris Motor Show.


  • Your upload image should be 1280×800 pixels in size and JPG format.
  • Please do not include the MINI logo in your design.
  • All forms of still media are accepted.
  • Upload at least one (and up to 9) designs by the 11th of May, 11:59am GMT.

How to enter?

Create your MINI Space account and submit your designs.