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Overcome Film Festival and Game Awards 2023

Modifier Group is calling for submissions for Overcome Film Festival 2023, inviting participation from artists and filmmakers all over the world.

The Overcome Film Festival is the premiere international event for all storytellers, filmmakers, developers and artists to tell the world their stories of survival and triumph over adversity. The official program will include Features and Short films, music, and games in the categories of live-action, animation, narrative, non-narrative, experimental, and audiovisual poetry with multiple Award categories.

The Festival especially encourages and welcomes the entries of filmmakers, musicians, and developers all over the world who want to share their experiences in overcoming adversity or any other factor that has contributed to their growth as a person and motivated them to celebrate their existence. It is the focus of the film festival to give survivors a voice and a venue to share their life experiences and provide hope to others regardless of where they come from in the world. This season’s video game competition section also includes games in all related genres including single-player, multiplayer, e-sports, and mobile titles across all major platforms as related to the theme of the event.

The Overcome Film Festival is an international event and everyone all over the world is encouraged and welcome to participate. The event also provides an entertainment service and production in the nature of participating as a host to presenters for videos and live events, video and audio recordings, and event production, including information, news, and commentary in the fields of films, music, and games (including e-sports titles).

The Overcome Game Awards is a part of the Overcome Film Festival a premiere international and industry recognized event, including awards for video game titles in all platforms including but not limited to console, desktop, e-sports titles, virtual reality, streaming, mobile, as well as game music, and hardware devices. The Overcome Game Awards especially encourage and welcome the entries of video game and interactive title developers from all over the world.

The festival has remained an industry recognized event for many years and is celebrating its 7th season.

The Overcome Film Festival will publish the name of the winners online and certificates will be awarded. As the festival is about providing a voice to survivors, financial awards and prizes will be foregone in lieu of certificates.

Overcome Film Festival 2023 – Entry Fees

  • Regular Deadline (30 July 2023): $15 USD
  • Late Deadline (30 August 2023): $20 USD
  • Extended Deadline (30 September 2023): $25 USD