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PAUSE – International Wood Design Competition – DBR & TED2017

In partnership with TED2017: “The future you”, DBR presents PAUSE, an international wood design competition that will determine the final form of this year’s pavilion structure for TED2017.

The challenge is to create a space to reflect personally and in the same breath, share that experience with others. Can taking a PAUSE and connecting to nature answer the questions that TED is exploring?

Prizes include one Conference Pass to TED2017, airfare to Vancouver from a North American airport and accommodation in Vancouver for the length of the pavilion installation and TED conference.

The pavilion is about personal reflection. A pause within the forest, within the city. A place to reflect, gather, or interact, the applicant will define the user encounter. To develop an identity of place and experience, but to also recognize and respect the surrounding environment. These are all concerns that should be considered while addressing the design and program requirements.

The competition is open to all full-time post-secondary students or young professionals in Architecture, Engineering and Design. Verification of student/graduation status may be requested.

Both Individual and Team submissions are accepted. However, the winning prize cannot be shared.

Entrants will be challenged to propose construction with wood as the primary structural material. The winning design will be built by the DBR Build Team and showcased at TED2017. The winning entrant must be present in Vancouver from 14-28 April, 2017 for the structure installation and TED conference.

All submissions will be judged anonymously.