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Plaktivat 15: Blood Donation – Poster Design Competition

The TAM-TAM Institute, in association with the Blood Transfusion Centre of Slovenia and the Slovenian Red Cross, has announced the 15th Plaktivat – a socially responsible poster competition. It aims to inspire and raise awareness of the importance of blood donation as a pillar of humanity in developed societies.

Plaktivat is an international socially responsible competition, an activator of social consciousness, which promotes the creation of city posters and encourages positive changes in society. The competition is held twice a year and is intended for independent designers and design groups from all over the world. Students can participate in the competition’s “Fresh Blood” category.

The winning poster will be printed and displayed at 500 TAM-TAM poster locations across Slovenia. It will be entered in the competition parts of the Slovenian Advertising Festival SOF and the Brumen Biennial of Slovenian Design. The winner will receive Plaktivat’s MEGAPHONE award and a winning diploma, while the finalists will receive a silver diploma and all applicants will receive an e-plaque, commemorating their participation, awarded by Plaktivat’s organiser, the TAM-TAM Institute.

Details about the creative challenge are available on the official website.

A functioning health system is one of the cornerstones of any advanced society, and the only way to ensure it stays in operation is through voluntary blood donations. Developed countries everywhere, with the help of countless anonymous individuals, can thus guarantee that those in need of blood receive it. It is this kind of altruism, this high level of social empathy, that we want to celebrate and bring to the forefront with our campaign. Our mission is to spread the word through positive messages regarding this topic and further encourage people to become donors and donate blood.

Posters should primarily focus on blood donation, and their message should aim to inspire and motivate the general public to donate blood, with the emphasis on the younger generations. Our mission is to help boost blood donation around the world and inspire new volunteers by means of original creative poster designs, so that the wider community will come to better understand and appreciate the sincere, compassionate and open-hearted people like blood donors. They are the anonymous heroes who save lives.

The competition is intended for all graphic designers, be it individuals, freelance designers, students, or agencies and other legal entities who wish to be involved in co-creating a better common living space. The organizers particularly invite students, who can, in addition to this public tender, also submit their work under the “Fresh Blood” category, where the winner will also be announced. All works by applicants who indicate on the application form that they have a “student status” will be automatically included in this category.

Submitted works are evaluated by an expert panel, composed of internationally acclaimed creatives and designers.

Please find further details on the official website.