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Playable10 Competition

Playable is the annual global search for inspiring play design.

Playable10 invites designers of all types from around the world to design playground equipment and spaces that will give a sense of place, wonder and fun so strong that they will entice children, teens and adults outdoors to play.

Georgia Tech and the Atlanta Taskforce on Play (ATOP) are organizing the Playable10 competition in a belief that the talent is out there to find the answers to the challenges presented.


Children’s health is suffering because the appeal of sitting in front of an electronic screen is winning out over getting outside to play. Conditions such as childhood obesity, diabetes, ADHD, and vitamin D deficiencies (and many others) are on the increase, but their symptoms are lessened and sometimes eliminated by regular outdoor play. The problem is that many playgrounds are without challenges and look the same as every other playground and so a child’s excitement is soon lost, if they even go out there in the first place.

Another problem is that manufactured playgrounds can be too expensive for some communities so their children do without. We think there are options for everyone to “win” in this game by building their own play areas with easily found materials, incorporating manufactured equipment in creative ways, building play areas different from any we have ever seen before, and even building a fort in your own backyard.

The idea for Playable10 came from the highly successful 1954 Playable Sculpture Competition put on by the Museum of Modern Art in New York.


Create innovative, inspiring, sustainable, multigenerational play spaces with the power to change communities and lives.

The categories in the competition are:

  • Playable Art
  • Playable Site
  • Playable D-I-Y


The winning site-specific playgrounds will be built at the following sites:

  • One (1) winning playspace built in Woodruff Park in downtown Atlanta in 2011;
  • One (1) winning conceptual master plan design has the potential to be a great influence on the Atlanta Beltline (see category for explanation).

Also an exhibition of the most interesting designs submitted to Playable10 will be held with the Designing for Play Symposium at Georgia Tech. Talks are underway to develop a touring exhibit.


  • Playable10 is wide open to all creative people.
  • The evaluation criteria are:
    • playability
    • originality
    • sustainability
    • feasibility
    • multi-generational
    • accessibility
    • inspire movement

How to enter?

Register on the official website and submit your entries.

Entry fee

Registration is $50 USD for everyone and $25 USD for students with a copy of a current student ID.