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Poster Award 2020 – Stop Forced Live Organ Harvesting in China

Taiwan Association for International Care of Organ Transplants (TAICOT), in association with The Epoch Times, is hosting a poster competition to stop forced live organ harvesting in China.

The organizers seek relevant content that helps stop this evil persecution — excluding too bloody or scary images.

The best three posters shall be awarded with a Gold, Silver and Bronze award, respectively. In addition, three Merit awards, ten Honorable Mentions and twenty Jury’s Choice Awards shall also be announced. Awards include cash prizes, medals and a certificates.

The event objective is elaborated on the official website.

Authors and artists at different era have used their expertise to record the great changes of times. From George Orwell, the author of ​Animal Farm ​ to artists like Käthe Kollwitz, Francisco Goya, and Ai Weiwei, activists have been using their sensitive mind to speak for the unfair system, people suffering from autocracy, and themselves.

For over ten years, investigations carried out by lawyers, reporters, prosecutors and doctors worldwide have revealed that the Chinese regime had been systematically doing forced organ harvesting from prisoners of conscience. Such atrocity is meant to supply the need of the huge transplant industry. With the phenomenon that patients worldwide all flock to China for organ transplants, forced organ harvesting has become a global crime.

History always repeats itself. No matter how the evil looks like, we shall not keep silent once it bullies the goodness again. Let’s be the witness of history by speaking for this inhuman persecution!

Participation is not limited to nationality or place of residence.

The judging process consisting of a preliminary review and a final election will be hosted by our jury composed of well-known experts.

  • 45% Expressiveness: Color and shape, Composition Arrangement, Overall atmosphere
  • 45% Connotation: Convey ideas
  • 10% Popularity: Views of this poster on the official website from 15th September — 15th October, 2020

The complete rewards list for 2020 includes:

  • Golden Award (1): 200,000 New Taiwan Dollar ($6,775) with a medal and a certificate.
  • Silver Award (1): 80,000 New Taiwan Dollar ($2,710)  with a medal and a certificate.
  • Bronze Award (1): 50,000 New Taiwan Dollar ($1,694) with a medal and a certificate.
  • Merit Award (3): 12,000 New Taiwan Dollar ($406) / each with a small badge and a certificate.
  • Honorable Mention (10): 3,000 New Taiwan Dollar ($100) / each with a small badge and a certificate.
  • Jury’s Choice Award (20): A small badge and a certificate.

The Award Ceremony will be broadcasted online, on 10th December 2020. Details are yet to be announced.