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Poster for Tomorrow 2012: Gender Equality Now! is thrilled to disclose the brief for the new, 2012, edition of Poster for Tomorrow, the international poster design competition. As in previous years, all designers worldwide are invited to act creatively, by designing posters on a given subject.

Gender equality issues will be the main interest of Poster for Tomorrow 2012. Under the slogan “Gender Equality Now!”, with the help of designers worldwide, will bring the attention to these issues and hopefully, a better future for us all!

A short brief for the competition has been announced to get you prepared for 8 March, the International Women’s Day and the day that Poster for Tomorrow 2012 will open up for submissions!

Fight Gender Equality Issues Through Poster Design!

The condition of women has undergone undeniable improvements during the last century. But these improvements haven’t happened everywhere and even where they have been the strongest, well, they are far from being strong enough. 
Gender inequality still lingers unchallenged: it’s one of those things that are hard to see precisely because they are right in front of our eyes.

That’s why asks all of you to see beyond the status quo and imagine a different future.

As for the past, at closing of the call for entries, poster for tomorrow will entrust your artworks to a jury of renowned designers. The best 100 posters will be displayed in multiple locations worldwide opening 10 December, “A Day for Tomorrow”.

But there will soon be plenty of time to deal with the details and also with the novelties of this 2012 edition.

Now is the time for the really important stuff. We need gender equality now, because more opportunities for women are more opportunities for us all.