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Poster for Tomorrow 2022: Do The Right Thing

4Tomorrow Association is pleased to announce that poster for tomorrow’s 12th edition, “Do The Right Thing”, is now officially open for entries.

The competition’s aim is to promote graphic design as a tool for social change.

The best 100 designs (selected by the jury) will be rewarded by including them in the “Do The Right Thing” exhibition, as part of an event called “Paris Poster Biennale”, that will be held in a series of cities around the world.

Any number of special recognitions may be awarded by 4Tomorrow’s sponsors and supporters.

Details about the topic for 2022 are available within the competition brief.

In a world that is becoming increasingly polarised, perhaps the one thing that unites us all is the conviction that we are all acting for the right reasons. And having formed an opinion about an issue, there is little room to have it changed by listening to an opposing view. Fake news has eroded trust in facts. So how can we move forward?

For inspiration we returned to the things that motivated us to start poster for tomorrow. Injustice. The violation of human rights. A burning passion to inspire positive change in the world. In short, a desire to do the right thing.

This year we want to inspire people to remember the human rights we should all enjoy: education, gender equality, housing, work, healthcare, to name but a few. If we act with these in mind, it should become clearer whether we’re really doing the right thing. It’s our duty to ourselves and each other.

An entry to the competition consists of a portrait format poster addressing the proposed creative brief.

Posters may be designed by a single author or by a team.

poster for tomorrow is a project of the 4Tomorrow Association — an independent, non-profit organization whose goal is to encourage people, both in and outside the design community, to make posters to stimulate debate on issues that affect us all.

The 2022 competition is supported by the French Ministry of Culture, The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR/UN Human Rights), La Ville de Paris
, Ecole Intuit-Lab and 
Conversazioni sul futuro.