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Poster for Tomorrow 2020: Fake News – 2020 Vision

4Tomorrow is pleased to announce that poster for tomorrow’s 11th edition, “Fake News – 2020 Vision”, is now officially open for entries.

The competition’s aim is to promote graphic design as a tool for social change.

The best 100 designs (selected by the jury) will be rewarded by including them in the “Fake News” exhibition, as part of an event called “Paris Poster Biennale”, that will be held in a series of cities around the world.

Any number of special recognitions may be awarded by 4Tomorrow’s sponsors and supporters.

Details about the topic for 2020 are available within the competition brief.

Fake news might feel like a recent development that has only come to prominence since the election of one politician who shall not be named, but the practice of spreading rumours and misinformation is as old as the printed word.

People have always twisted the truth, or simply told lies, to get what they want (or change the world). But now we have the ability to share information faster and wider than ever before. It used to be only a few media outlets or government sources that could shape public thought, but now everyone can.

And unlike the media or government, none of us are held accountable for what we post. As there are few laws or fines that can be thrown at us for posting lies, there is no incentive to act responsibly in the public sphere. Get likes (or votes) first, worry about the consequences later – and why should we when the leader of the free world regularly tweets and says blatant untruths without consequence?

poster for tomorrow is a project of the 4 Tomorrow Association — an independent, non-profit organization whose goal is to encourage people, both in and outside the design community, to make posters to stimulate debate on issues that affect us all.

The 2020 competition is supported by the French Ministry of Culture.