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Posterheroes #2 – International Social Communication Contest

It’s time for another edition of the international social communication poster design contest – Posterheroes! The second edition of Posterheroes focuses on the issue of consumption, underlining the user’s role as an important actor in the consumption or savings.

You’re now officially invited to create poster designs on the given topic and state your comment(s) about consumption. This is a contest open to anyone!

Open new horizons, suggest and promote new perspectives, enhance debate, exchange, awareness and participation, and give voice to the individuals’ and consumers’ social value, through poster design.

Express Your Opinion About Consumerism with A 50×70 Poster

Posterheroes is the creative showcase of the proactive debate about consumption’s present and future, and of the energetic and material resources’ aware fruition.

After the contest’s 1st edition, which was centered on the energies’ production, the second edition proposes the issue of consumption, underlining the user’s role as an important actor in the consumption/saving global equilibriums, and not merely as a spectator of broader mechanisms.

  • Which kind of consumption model do you propose?
  • Which kind of scenario do you imagine for an aware fruition of the energetic and material resources?

This contest is a way for young people and for the creative community to express their opinion about the resources’ fruition for a sustainable future.

Become Part of Posterheroes’ Traveling Exhibitions

Posterheroes doesn’t award prizes. The best works selected by the jury will be published in the initiative’s catalog and will become part of the traveling exhibitions and of the eventual events that Posterheroes will organize when the contest will be concluded.

Posterheroes #2 is A Global Challenge

  • There are no age, nationality or professional restrictions, the contest is open to anyone, except for the Posterheroes organizers, the Plug associates, the jury and their families.
  • The designs need to be original and previously not published.
  • A maximum of two works (poster designs) will be accepted per contestant.
  • Single and group entries are accepted.

Submit Your Designs Online on Posterheroes’ Website

To enter the second edition of the Posterheroes social communication contest, visit the official website and submit your entries through the online entry form.