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Posterheroes 2019: A Poster for Integration

PLUG association is hosting their eight Posterheroes contest and invites submissions of poster designs on the subject: A Poster for Integration.

Posterheroes is an international contest about social design and social communication asking to the international creative community to express powerful messages through a poster 50×70 cm or 70×100 cm about social and environmental issues.

Participants have the chance to win a cash prize, take part in many exhibitions and events and be featured in Posterheroes publications and editorial projects. The total cash prize fund for 2019 is 5,000 Euro.

This year’s Posterheroes has a brand new format. Participants can submit a poster and/or a kinetic (video) poster.

The contest subject — A Poster for Integration — intends to make people aware of integration and acceptance issues, and to enhance “diversity” as a resource upon which to build “tomorrow’s” communities.

The winning posters are selected by a selection panel comprising international experts in the field of illustration, animation, arts, visual communication (55 members so far).

The Posterheroes contest, created in 2010 by PLUG association, is open to everyone and aims to involve especially young people and international artists.

In the past three years, a total of 8,763 posters from 103 different nations have been submitted.