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Cities for Pedestrians! – Poster Competition

IPoP – Institute for Spatial Policies in partnership with TAM-TAM Institute announces an international poster design competition on the topic of pedestrian-friendly cities of the future: Cities for Pedestrians!

The competition is open to anyone wishing to co-create common living space. The organizers are looking for a humane vision of cities of the future, putting humans in the foreground.

The winning poster design will receive an award of 1,000 Euro, as well as exposure on 50 TAM-TAM posters in eight town municipalities in Slovenia, in the total period of ten days in the months of May and June 2019.

Because images strongly mark people’s opinions, and consequently behavior, through the competition Cities for Pedestrians! and the depiction of pedestrian friendly cities, the organizers wish to remind people that there are numerous reasons to choose walking. Walking as a mode of transport is not just a form of sustainable mobility, because of the accessibility of services, walking should be a logical choice for everyone when running every day errands in cities.

The competition results will be published by mid-May 2019.

A curated selection of works will be presented in the form of a pop-up gallery at a selected location in Ljubljana within the 2019 European mobility week, taking place from 16–22 September, 2019.