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Posterheroes 4 – Communication + Social Graphic Art

The PLUG non-profit cultural association has just launched the Posterheroes 4 Communication and Social Graphic Art contest, accepting submissions from individuals and groups.

The 2013-2014 edition of Posterheroes is part of a two-year project focused on Systemic Food, which aims at investigating the theme of food in its social, environmental and economic nature.

Best entries selected by the jury will be published on the catalog of the initiative and will become part of the itinerant shows and future events which Posterheroes/Plug will organize at the end of the contest.

Here is what this year’s competition is about:

Economic development and the changes of lifestyle towards a sedentary and urbanized society, led to a radical change in the food habits. This phenomenon, called the nutrition transition, together with the loss of the culinary traditions and the demand for low-cost products has led to a standardization of food and the loss of the concept of quality .

The consequences of these changes are both environmental and ethical and we have to face conflicting challenges: on the one hand the problem of overweight and obesity, on the other the reality of increasing malnutrition. The information campaigns and the nutritional education are promoting the change towards a sustainable development among the consumers, because each of us is directly involved and influenced by production system. Today it is necessary to renew the way in which the food theme is addressed starting from our choices.

How can the consumer change the food system?

What choices the citizens are called to do? These questions are declined in four different aspects, with a common social impact.

There are no age, nationality or profession limits, the Posterheroes 4 contest is open to all, except for the organizers of Posterheroes, Plug associates, the jury or any of their family members.