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Posterheroes 6 Social Communication Contest – Rights In Love

The cultural association PLUG is pleased to announce Posterheroes 6 – Rights in love, the sixth edition of the social communication contest which this year is going to deal with one of the primary human right: the right to love.

After the biennial focus on food, fostering the debate on behavioral and societal changes connected to nutrition education and food life-cycle, this year Posterheroes has chosen to deal with the right to be a couple, without any restrictions of gender, sexual orientation, nationality or religion.

As well as in the previous editions, the international jury will select the 40 best posters, which will be included in the initiative’s catalogue and will be part of next exhibitions and events organized by PLUG after the end of the contest.

This year in partnership with Favini, Posterheroes looks for students, graphic lovers and professional designers to prove their abilities drawing a poster 50×70 cm that will be judged by an international team of experts composed by some of the most relevant professionals in graphic design and communication.

The latest international news and events (sometimes tragic) in this field are not random and they have deeply affected the social, political and ideological debate, influencing also the setting of agenda by media and institutions.

What are the boundaries of the right to love? What are the meaning and the conditions under which two persons can be considered as a couple? These will be the main topics in the open discussion involving the whole international creative community during this new contest edition.

The Posterheroes contest is open to individuals or groups with the submission of up to three (3) entries each.