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RSA / Nominet Trust Short Film Competition

The RSA and Nominet Trust are running an open competition, offering you the opportunity to bring great ideas to life in new and exciting ways.

The RSA offers a platform to the world’s most exciting public speakers, and their podcasts, videos and RSAnimate films bring together audiences from every corner of the globe to debate the biggest issues of our times. Now they are giving you a chance to use your film-making skill, ingenuity and visual flair to interpret RSA talks in your own unique way.

Winning entries will receive a cash prize, and will be featured on the RSA’s popular YouTube channel alongside the genre-busting RSAnimate series.

Interpret RSA Talks in Your Own Unique Way

The main task in this competition is to create a short film in any genre that visually communicates an audio excerpt from a RSA lecture. You get to choose the audio excerpt.

Simply listen to the featured audio excerpt chosen from RSA’s events programme and create a visual accompaniment which illustrates the concepts in a vivid, clear and original style.

To get a sense of what you’re dealing with, visit the RSA channel on YouTube and watch some videos of the highly popular RSAnimate series.

Cash Prizes + Feature on RSA’s YouTube channel

The winning film judged by an expert panel will receive a cash prize of £2000, and will be featured on the RSA’s hit YouTube channel alongside the genre-busting RSAnimate series.

Shortlisted films will also be showcased on the RSA website and entered into the People’s Choice Award, with a chance of winning a £1000 prize.

Important Competition Regulations and Requirements

  • This is an international competition, and is open to all ages. Those under 16 must secure the permission of their parents or legal guardians before entering.
  • The competition is open to films of all production techniques, including animation, stop‐motion, experimental or artist film and hybrid work.
  • The duration of the film must be a minimum of 30 seconds and a maximum of 5 minutes (including titles and credits).
  • RSA welcomes submissions from outside the UK, but all entries must be in English. A transcript will be available, and entrants are encouraged to use free translation software to assist with their interpretation.
  • No film containing advertising material (e.g. to promote a product or service) will be accepted.
  • No entry may contain unlawful or potentially libellous, defamatory or disparaging material.

How to Enter Your Short Film?

  1. Listen to the audio excerpts (available through the official website) and pick your favourite one
  2. Create your short film accompaniment
  3. Upload your film to YouTube or Vimeo, and
  4. Fill in the online form.