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Social Distancing – Non Architecture Competition

Non Architecture (NonA) calls for alternative housing models to disrupt the real estate market in a scenario of prolonged social distancing.

This competition asks for a creative approach to architectural design, departing from a given users, program and extension.

Two winners will be awarded with 1,000 Euro each. A total of 6 honorable mentions and 42 finalists will be selected.

Social Distancing Housing Block is part of a Competition series, developed to imagine new dwelling models through a variety of creative architectural designs and feasible innovation. Considering the limits of the current housing market, what could be the domestic architecture of the future?

According to the United Nations, the world population is expected to grow by almost 25% in the coming thirty years. Such growth will most likely occur in urban areas, where the housing shortage is already becoming an urgent issue. Additionally, a large part of existing and future buildings will be destined for residential use, leaving a huge impact on the way people live, experience, and affect cities. In this context housing models have been frozen into standardized solutions that leave little or no room for innovation. Such solutions are often perpetrated as a convention, missing a wide range of unexplored opportunities.

The COVID-19 outbreak showed how our way of living can quickly change, while dwellings suddenly became the main stage for this transformation. Imagining a society where social distancing is the new normality, how should housing models change? How can we introduce a valuable change in the established model, to disrupt the real estate market and benefit dwellers, the environment, and the city?

Social Distancing Housing Block aims to answer these questions.

Non Architecture Competitions are open to all human beings, from every age and cultural background, working in groups or individually. Teams can be formed by a maximum number of 5 people.

Social Distancing – Non Architecture Competition – Entry Fees

  • 1 — 17 May 2020 — Special registration period: 30 Euro
  • 18 May — 14 June, 2020 — Early registration period: 55 Euro
  • 15 June — 18 July, 2020 — Regular registration period: 70 Euro
  • 19 July — 16 August, 2020 — Late registration period: 85 Euro
  • 17 — 22 August, 2020 — Last-minute: 100 Euro