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The Second Vimeo Festival + Awards

Vimeo recently opened submissions for the second Vimeo Festival + Awards, which celebrates the most creative and original videos online, as well as the individuals who make them. Consider this an official invitation from Contest Watchers.

This year four new categories are recognized, such as the category for fashion films and the category for advertisements.

In this edition Vimeo will award Grants of $5,000 to all of the category winners as well as awarding a Grant of $25,000 for the Grand Prize winner.

Vimeo Festival + Awards – Celebrating Creative + Original Videos Online

Beginning 13 December 2011 through 20 February 2012, all filmmakers are invited to submit their works for consideration in one of 13 different judged categories.

Vimeo is looking for submissions (original works that premiered anywhere online between 31 July 2010 and 20 February 2012, or any original work that has never been premiered) that:

  • Are based upon an interesting concept;
  • Are innovative;
  • Are well crafted; and
  • Create an emotional resonance.

With the continued exponential growth of quality online video, Vimeo is recognizing four new categories:

  • Fashion: Fashion photographers are exploring creative filmmaking, blurring the line between fashion and art. Similarly, designers are able to bring to life the mood and inspiration behind their collections in greater detail and with more emotion than through still photos.
  • Action Sports: As lightweight, durable, and wearable HD cameras have become more accessible, adventurers, athletes, and documentarians can go anywhere while filming it all.
  • Advertising: Due to the high volume of content online, advertisers have been forced to become increasingly creative in order to reach audiences. As a result, many people now seek out commercial films as standalone entertainment.
  • Lyrical: This category celebrates videos that showcase the natural world or personal experience using a dramatic creative style. With filmmaking techniques such as slow motion and time lapse now increasingly available, these videos provide thought-provoking and oftentimes heart-wrenching windows into other people’s worlds.

A full list of the video categories can be found at

Vimeo Offers A Total of $30,000 in Grants!

Grants of $5,000 will be awarded to the winners of each category, and a grant of $25,000 will be presented to the winner of the Best Video Award.

The Second Vimeo Festival + Awards are Open Worldwide!

Each submission must:

  • be an original work by you, meaning that you were one of the work’s principal creators and have the right to submit it to Vimeo.
  • have premiered (i.e., it was publicly displayed for the first time) online between 31 July 2010 and 20 February 2012 or has not premiered elsewhere at the time you submitted it.
  • be in the English language or have English subtitles (to the extent it contains dialogue or text).
  • fall into one of the official categories and comply with all category-specific length and content requirements.

Submissions are Accepted Online and by Mail / Courier

Submissions can be entered online, through the official website.

Entry Fee

The entry fee is $20 (U.S.) per video ($5 for Vimeo Plus and PRO members).