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Firefox Flicks 2012 – Global Video Contest by Mozilla

Mozilla needs your help to tell the amazing story of Mozilla Firefox, the users and how one browser can build a brighter future for the Web.

Through the “Firefox Flicks” global video contest, Mozilla is inviting everyone to create a video ad that helps people better understand the issues facing them online and shows how Firefox helps them deal with these issues. In short, help Mozilla tell the story of Firefox — why they do what they do and how that helps users on the Web.

Simply by competing, your flick will be seen and voted on by millions of Firefox fans around the world, giving you exposure to a global audience. But, there’s much, much more!

Help Mozilla Tell the Story of Firefox!

Mozilla wants the world to know more about what makes Firefox different: that they’re a non-profit organization aimed at keeping the power of the Web in people’s hands.

Mozilla’s hope is that through high-quality videos, we can help mainstream Internet users know more about the issues that affect their online lives and, more importantly, how Firefox addresses these issues (see below).

  • Privacy: How are you being tracked online? How can you take control of it? Who owns your data and how do they use it?
  • Choice: How easy is it for you to experience the Web using the tools that you like and that suit your needs? Can you make it personal?
  • Interoperability: Can you use your favorite tools on all your devices, different computers or in different locations? Who decides when, where and how you use the Web and access your stuff?
  • Opportunity: What tools do users need to help them make the Web they want? How does Firefox help?

Entries will be judged in the following categories:

  • Best :30 Spot
  • Best Animation
  • Best Use of New Technology (e.g. Popcorn.js, shot entirely with a mobile device, 3D)
  • Best Public Service Announcement

Win Global Exposure + Video Equipment / Film School Scholarship!

Simply by competing, your flick will be seen and voted on by millions of Firefox fans around the world, giving you exposure to a global audience. You’ll also get your entry in front of international advertising executives and film luminaries while working on one of the world’s biggest brands — a great piece to add to any portfolio.

But there’s more! The grand prize winner in each region (North America, Latin America, EU and Asia, Australia & New Zealand) will receive their choice of either $5,000 in video equipment or a film school scholarship. The top two winners in each category get $1,000 in video equipment. Top category winners for each region and the grand prize winner will also get a trip to a Firefox Flicks event in 2012. Any video that makes it into the contest will get a Firefox prize pack. On top of all that, if you win, your flick could be used to share the amazing story of Firefox with the world.

“Firefox Flicks” is A Global Ad-making Challenge

  • Your flick (your video ad) should target mainstream Internet users between the ages of 25 and 54 — people who use the Web to read the news, write e-mails, bank online and connect on social networks.
  • You must use the Firefox logo in your video ad.
  • Your ad should be a call to action.
  • Take risks, but respect the brand (i.e. please don’t make Mozilla look bad).
  • Entries should be available in English. They can also be created in another language, but if so, English subtitles need to be provided.
  • Individual or team entries can be submitted.

Details for Entering Coming Up Early 2012

You will be able to submit your entry for voting via a video sharing site, but high res versions will need to be sent to Mozilla. Stay tuned for details, in early 2012.