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The 1st Oriental Kids Picture Book Award

In order to push forward the development of picture book creation, publishing and picture-book-related industries, Jiangsu Phoenix Publishing & Media Group established the Oriental Kids Picture Book Award.

The awards are held every two years, with the purpose of discovering and cultivating high-level picture book creators, facilitating the publication and promotion of outstanding original masterpieces, creating a highland of picture book creation and publication, and building the children’s spirit in the new era.

A total of 10 outstanding prizes will be awarded, each of them conferred one monetary bonus, one trophy and one certificate.

The contest invites domestic and foreign professional picture book creators to contribute their picture books, and the language of creation is not limited.

The picture book is for children aged 0~10 years old. It must be structurally complete, and the picture-text relationship is in line with the requirements of creation and expression. It can be independently written.

The genre of work creation is not limited. It advocates multiple forms of creation, adheres to the principle of putting children first, and takes children’s understanding as the first criterion. It is required to have a healthy mind and a noble style, and actively spread the main theme and positive energy. Expressing and presenting Chinese stories and Chinese elements is encouraged.

Entries must be original or unpublished works by individuals or groups.

Jiangsu Phoenix Publishing & Media Group is one of the largest and most powerful cultural industry groups in China.