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The 2011 Bucharest International Jazz Competition

Bucharest International Jazz Competition is a singular event on the professional Romanian jazz scene, but also in the entire South Eastern Europe. It is addressed to bands and vocalists aged up to 35 years, and its mission is to contribute to the acknowledgement of the Romanian and international jazz values.

An entire week dedicated exclusively to jazz. Between 8 and 13 May, Bucharest’s music lovers are invited to discover and to encourage the best musicians of the moment, “crème de la crème” or just reaching the peaks of success, from all around Europe and other continents.

The contest is followed by jam sessions and workshops, where international specialists share their knowledge and skills in jazz with the participants.


Bucharest International Jazz Competition is more than an international contest, it is a statement – it promotes young musicians’ creativity and freedom of expression at a time when the commercial is the compromise to success in music.

It is addressed to bands and vocalists aged up to 35 years, and its mission is to contribute to the acknowledgement of the Romanian and international jazz values.

Improvisation, explosive energy and the joy to share music – these are the co-ordinates for the 2011 Bucharest International Jazz Competition.

The Jury will use the standard criteria as:

  • style / interpretation
  • improvisation
  • technique / diction / articulation
  • musicality
  • time and rhythm
  • intonation


Organizers provide lodging for the first 5 registered musicians in the competition. Accommodation begins on 5 May 2011 and is ensured for the period the participants remain in contest. For the rest of the candidates, the organizers will make hotel reservations upon request, based on special accommodation packages offer.

Upon arrival in Bucharest each group / band should report to the Competition Secretariat and present a valid passport.

The total amount of the prizes is 7000 Euro cash, in Romanian currency and concerts engagements.

  • Grand Prize Winner 1200 Euro
  • Special Prize – Best Band 400 Euro
  • Special Prize – Best Vocalist 400 Euro
  • 3 – 5 concerts engagements for one or two finalist bands

The prize-winners will have priority in being included in the programs organized by / Jeunesses Musicales Romania, both nationally and abroad.

Final performers will receive diplomas.


  • The 2011 Bucharest International Jazz Competition, 7 – 13 May 2011, is open to bands and vocalists of all nationalities.
  • Applicants must be born after 1st of May 1976.
  • Bands may have up to 6 performing musicians and they will include:
    • instrumentalists and vocalists
    • instrumentalists
    • vocalists
  • Each award-winner must receive his or her prize personally.

How to enter?

Registration in the competition will be made based on:

  1. Application form – Annex A, Annex B, Annex C
  2. CD recording and the list of the recordings – title / composer
  3. Copy of passport for all musicians
  4. One photo, passport type for each group’s member
  5. Two different recent photos of the group, printed format, 10×15 cm
  6. Copy of the bank confirmation for the registration fee
  7. Technical rider
  8. Short CV of the group – max. 10 lines

Application documents must be sent to the below address:
PO Box 13 – 63, Bucharest 13

Entry fee

The registration fee is 100 Euro and is non-refundable.