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The 2011 Voies Off Photography Prize

For the past 16 years, Voies Off has offered an alternative approach to emerging contemporary photography, its particularities, its evolutions, and its areas of resistance.

Voies Off night projections during the opening week of the Rencontres d’Arles festival (first full week in July) have become an international reference for the discovery of emerging authors and the alternative venue that it creates for international photographic creation.

Year after year, the selected themes have met the evolutions of our contemporary world with a critical eye. Over twenty different nationalities are represented at each festival. Every year over sixty candidates are selected for the programme of the night-projections.


The Voies Off Prize is looking for emerging contemporary photography works.

The works must be organized as a series showing coherent thinking developed through a theme, a personal vision. The main criterion considered by the commission will be a personal and creative vision.


Every July, the Voies Off Prize is awarded by a jury of renowned professionals to an artist for the clarity of his/her vision and the high quality of his/her work.

The current amount of the prize is 2,500 euros.


  • Participants in the Voies Off Prize are: all amateur or professional photographers, artists, associations, collectives, groups, galleries, agencies, or schools… using photography as their medium.
  • There are no restriction regarding age or nationality.

How to enter?

Submit works through the online entry form on the official website.

Applications for the 2011 Voies Off Prize must include:

  • One (and one only) PDF document including CV and a short statement describing the intentions and work of the author of the portfolio. Any relevant or useful information can be added to this document.
  • A series of 15 to 45 photographs:
    • jpg format at the highest quality (lowest compression)
    • about 1500 pixels x 2000 pixels (for projection purposes), resolution set at 72 dpi – RGB or Gray Scale, Unlocked files.

Entry fee

The registration fee for the 2011 Voies Off Prize is 25 euros.