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The 24th Koizumi International Lighting Design Competition for Students

In 1987, the Koizumi International Lighting Design Competition for Students started with the aim of advancing the culture of light and fostering young talents.

This international lighting design competition is the only competition for students in the world, and it has came to be globally known as a stepping-stone for students all over the world aspiring for careers as designers.

The purpose of the Koizumi International Lighting Design Competition is to improve the culture of lighting design and to develop young new talent.


The Koizumi International Lighting Design Competition is a two stage competition. The first stage is the preliminary competition where entries are selected on the basis of the photographs, drawings or sketches that have been submitted. The second stage is the final competition where judging is made with evaluation of the entries selected in the preliminary competition.

The theme of the 24th Koizumi International Lighting Design Competition is:

“In search of the Way of Light… The light of hearts bringing technology to life – Heart of Technology”

The history of mankind is also the history of mankind’s technological advancement.

The development of technology has brought about new lifestyles as well as new industries, making it possible for us to live in comfort and convenience.

One vitally important element when we make use of technology is whether or not we do so with love and respect for our world and an overall moral sense. With the advent of LEDs, we now stand at the dawn of a new era for lighting design. We are seeking out designs which will carry the essence of light into a brand new future while taking an in-depth look at technology of an entirely new source of light.

Judging conditions:

  • The entry must be in harmony with the competition theme.
  • The design should be polished, refined and interesting.
  • It should have a new unique idea and inspiration.
  • The design should be based on a well conceived plan and follow it.
  • The entry should clearly show the purpose and aim of the object.


Entries that pass the preliminary competition will be listed on the official website and online voting will be possible. The following prizes will be awarded after the online voting is complete:

  • Best Design Award (1) – Certificate and prize
  • Excellent Design Award (2) – Certificate and prize

Winners of the final competition will be awarded with the following prizes:

  • Gold Award (1) – Certificate of award ¥1,000,000 (more than $11,950)
  • Silver Award (2) – Certificate of award ¥300,000
  • Bronze Award (5) – Certificate of award ¥100,000
  • Honorable Mention (Limited Number) – Certificate of award and prize

An exhibition of the final competition entries will be held in the Tokyo area.


  • Any student from institute of learning as of 1 September 2010 is eligible to enter.
  • All entries must be original and have never been submitted to any other competition.
  • There is no limit to the number of entries.
  • Each person may enter as many times as they wish.
  • A work may be submitted by a group of students.
  • Information about lamps or wiring required for the entry will be provided upon request.
  • All expenses related to the entry will be born by the designer.
  • If it is determined that the entry is not original or is a copy in any way, the prize will be forfeited.
  • Entries will not be returned.
  • Any or all entries may be used for advertising purposes, exhibitions, catalogs, product design or other promotional purposes.

How to enter?

Requests for further information, entry applications and actual entries should be sent to one of the addresses listed on the official website. Choose the closest contact to your country or region.