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The 7th International Competition NAGOYA DESIGN DO! 2010

Nagoya Design DO! is an international design competition that is open to the whole world. The competition seeks to develop the potential of young designers and to enable exchange between designers.

Nagoya Design DO! was started in 1998 and has been held every two years. “Nagoya Design DO! 2010”, the 7th competition, has been reborn into a new form that is inspired by the vision of “Creative Design City Nagoya”.

Send your applications between 1 April 2010 and 23 April 2010. In addition to prize money, award winners of the Nagoya Design DO! competition will be given the privilege of participating in a workshop held in Nagoya.


The city of Nagoya is located in central Japan and has a population of approximately 2.25 million people. The city possesses a long history of tradition, as well as a wide range of industries such as textiles, ceramics, furniture, transportation equipment and information products. The history of Nagoya began in the Edo Period with the construction of Nagoya Castle in 1610. The year 2010 will mark the 400th anniversary of the establishment of the city of Nagoya.


There are 4 application divisions:

  1. Product Division
  2. Spatial Division
  3. Visual Communication Division
  4. Other Division

The theme of The 7th International Competition NAGOYA DESIGN DO! 2010 is “Design to Empower Tomorrow“.

Look ahead. Imagine yourself ten or twenty years into the future. Imagine the world a hundred years from now. What is it that you want to keep for the future?

Here is what we need as a species to ensure our survival into the future:

  • Nature’s abundance and a balanced environment;
  • universal cooperation in the reduction of CO2 emissions to curb global warming;
  • the realization of a nuclear-free, peaceful society.

There are so many issues we need to address immediately.

  • Our lives and the life of the earth: How can we save these?
  • What can we do to save lives when natural disasters strike, like huge earthquakes and massive floods?
  • What can we do to shield our minds and bodies from fear and threats of crime and social instability?
  • What can we do to construct a society where children can grow soundly and the elderly can live in peace?
  • What can design do to preserve our planet, our societies and our species?

From this perspective, please reexamine objects, spaces, communications, systems and so on.


  • Grand Prix (one award) – ¥1,000,000 (1 million yen)
  • Division Prize (4 awards)
    • Product Division (1 award) – ¥100,000
    • Spatial Division (1 award) – ¥100,000
    • Visual Communication Division (1 award) – ¥100,000
    • Other Division (1 award) – ¥100,000
  • Honorable Mention (approx. fifteen awards) – Memento for each recipient

The grand prix and division prize winners will be invited to a workshop held at the International Design Center NAGOYA. (For group winners, only one representative can participate.)

All works submitted for the final screening, including the award winning works, will be displayed at International Design Center NAGOYA. They will also be recorded in the catalog of works and posted on our Internet web site.

* Competition organizers will bear costs for air travel to Japan as well as travel and accommodations within Japan. However, cash cannot be given to cover these costs.


  • Applicants must be between the ages of 18 and 34 as of 23 April 2010, the submission deadline of the first screening. For groups, each individual must be between the ages of 18 and 34.
  • Applicants should not collaborate on their works with competition personnel and judges, or with members of their families.
  • Only new works that have not yet been made public can be submitted.
  • Only one work per applicant (individual or group) can be submitted.
  • The official languages of the competition are English and Japanese.

How to enter?

There are two steps in the screening for the competition, the “first screening” and the “final screening”.

Works for the first screening may be submitted via the official website. Applications for the first screening will be accepted between 1 April 2010 and 23 April 2010.

Only applicants whose works have passed the first screening are allowed to apply for the final screening.

Please visit the official “Application Method” page for further details.