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The Biennial of the Poster Bolivia BICeBé 2013 – International Call

The Biennial of the Poster Bolivia BICeBé is the most important international design event in Bolivia and South America, and is referenced as an integrator in the region. The International call for 2013 has just been opened.

The BICeBé dictates the design guidelines, it is opened to all educational institutions of Graphic Design and Visual Communication, sharing projects and initiatives with the clear purpose of evolving Bolivian design.

The main objective of the BICeBé, is to educate, integrate and project the country into the design world.

The Biennial of the Poster Bolivia BICeBé 2013 Has Opened Its International Call for Poster Designs

Through its international call the Biennial of the Poster Bolivia BICeBé 2013 is accepting posters in the following four (4) categories:

  • Category A – Posters on cultural topics and activities.
  • Category B – Posters on political and social issues.
  • Category C – Posters advertising commercial events, products or services.
  • Category D – Unpublished posters on the topic: GLOBAL FINANCIAL CRISIS.

Contestants may be design students, graphic designers, plastic artists, photographers and graphic producers in general, of any age and nationality, having posters printed between April 2011 and April 2013, except for those submitting as Category D.

Technique and format are free, except for posters submitted as Category D, which must be 70 x 100 centimeters (vertical).

First, second and third prize winners will be announced in all four (4) categories. All prizes winners will win a medal + diploma and the first place winner in Category D will be additionally awarded $3500 US.

The 2013 Biennial of Poster Bolivia is scheduled for 19-23 November 2013.

For much more details and to download the entry form, make sure you visit the official website.