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The Spark International 2011 Design Awards

The new Spark Awards are open. These exciting competitions are created to promote great design and designers and encourage people to explore their creativity. Everyone is invited to participate – designers, art directors, architects, engineers, teachers, design firms, manufacturers, institutions, ad agencies and entrepreneurs may enter, interact and enjoy Sparking.

Graphics, product design, transportation and architecture are just a few of the many design categories accepted. Spark Awards’ criteria are modern and compelling. If you or your organization create great designs, don’t miss the opportunity to compete in these important events.


Spark’s mission is to initiate positive design-led change, by highlighting the best new ideas and the best new solutions.

The Spark Awards offer lots of different categories for entries, so make sure you see the complete list.

This year Spark offers two different competitions. The first one is called Spark:Pro and is open for finished work only. The second one, the Spark:Concept competition is open for work that is in the idea or proposal stage.

Different deadlines apply for both competitions, so make sure you double check the dates for entering, before submitting your work. The deadline listed in our post is actually the final deadline for the Spark:Pro Awards. Make sure you also check the early and the regular deadlines per competition.


If you’re looking for exposure to new business opportunities and information, the Spark Awards are your perfect medium. Spark reaches thousands of passionate innovators, business people and designers in old and new markets alike. Already a force in the US and Europe, Spark has a strong presence in the hottest growth markets in the world, including China, India, Korea and Taiwan—giving your designs an aggressive position in this fast-paced environment.

Spark winners are published in Korea’s Creative World of Design Competitions, exhibited by invitation in multiple countries and archived in permanent galleries right here on the web. The Sparkawards have very active communities at Twitter and LinkedIn. We are engaged in an ongoing promotion of our designer’s work, both entrants and winners alike. It is our business, and we do it well.


  • All designers, art directors, design firms and departments, ad agencies, marketing and branding practices, clients, manufacturers, student and non-professional or novice designers are welcome to compete, or just join the Spark Community.
  • Spark accepts and promotes all types of design.
  • Please remember to document your design creation process. Consider all media for this – video, still photography, text. This is important for your own development and records and potential sharing for educational and promotional reasons.

How to enter?

Register and complete you entry on the official website.

Entry fee

Different fees apply for different dates so make sure you check the official website for these information. The fees also vary per competition.