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The Web in a Tee – Graphic Design Contest on Shicon

There’s a special contest currently going on, on the Shicon platform with some awesome iPrizes! Shicon challenges you to create graphic designs for printing on t-shirts on a very contemporary theme: the World Wide Web. Shicon calls these special designs “tees”.

So, design a tee able to express the digital world and its effects in your lifestyle. Let the online go offline and depict the outcome on a tee.

The creator of the best design will win a brand new iPhone 4S with 16GB + promotion through Shicon’s Best Of feature.

Create your Themed Graphics and Display it on a Classic T-shirt

Shicon challenges you in the creation of special graphic designs, meant to be printed on t-shirts and focused on a the contest theme: the World Wide Web. Think about the World Wide Web, about its deepest meaning and its contemporary implications.

The main theme of the contest can be epitomized by the sentence “the Online goes Offline”.

Three iPrizes Available: iPhone 4S, iPad2, iPod Touch

Shicon will select the 3 best themed graphics, that will get:

  1. Prize: one iPhone 4S 16GB + presence on Shicon’s Best Of
  2. Prize: one iPad2 Wi-Fi 16GB + presence on Shicon’s Best Of
  3. Prize: one iPod Touch 8GB + presence on Shicon’s Best Of

“The Web in a Tee” Contest is Open Internationally

  • It’s not allowed to use any official logos.
  • You may submit as many entries as you like. The number of entries is not limited.
  • Your graphics must display original contents.

Become a Shicon Member and Submit Your Tees

To enter this contest, you need a membership on Shicon, which is free of cost. Once registered you will be able to submit your designs directly on the Shicon platform.