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Tissot Display Design Contest

This challenge is addressed to young creative, architecture and design students, giving them the opportunity to design a new window display concept for Tissot brand. The aim of this competition is to generate a number of clever, bright and perhaps unexpected ideas from young people not working in the watch industry. It is hoped that the creation of a new display concept will allow Tissot to stand out further from the crowd in the watch industry.

Displaying watches is an art and the product has to be the hero, however it has been proven that an eye-catching method of displaying watches is the key to success in an extremely competitive arena.


Design a new window display concept for Tissot brand.


  • First place:
    • 1 T-Touch for each member of the group
    • 5000 CHF for the group
    • a trip to Switzerland for the Award Ceremony for each member of the group
  • Second place:
    • 1 Tissot Le Locle watch for each member of the group
    • 3000 CHF for the group
  • Third place:
    • 1 watch from the Trend Tissot Collection for each member of the group
    • 1000 CHF for the group


  • The participation in the TDDC is opened to any student in design, architecture, merchandising and Arts as well as to any other person who finished, at the time of signing in, such studies not longer than 5 years ago.
  • Swatch Group employees’ relatives are excluded from participation.
  • Participants can work in groups of maximum 4 people.
  • The file extensions accepted for the project presentation are (in order of preference): pdf , tiff, jpg, dwg, dxf, png, bitmap.
  • The total size limit for the project upload is 8MB.
  • The official language for any communication/document is English.

How to enter?

In order to take part in this competition please register. Once you have registered you will be able to sign in and have access to download the brief, general information about the brand and the gallery of the Tissot Universe will be opened to you.