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Type Directors Club Typeface Design Competition 2016

Type Directors Club has opened its 2016 Typeface Design Competition (TDC) and invites all typeface designers around the world, including Students, to submit their best new works.

The Competition is currently open for new typeface designs produced or published in 2015. Designs may be submitted by anyone involved in their design, production, or marketing and must have been created between 1st January and 31st December 2015.

Selected entries will receive Certificates of Typographic Excellence. They will be exhibited in the 62nd TDC Exhibition, and appear in Typography 37.

The opening of the 62nd TDC Exhibition will be held in New York City and will be on display during the summer of 2016.

The 2016 Type Directors Club Typeface Design Competition includes the following four (4) main competition categories:

  • Family – for Single Typeface, Type Family or Type Superfamily entries;
  • Competition – created for determining the the typeface’s area of competition: Text, Display, Type System and Pi or Ornament;
  • Script – including the Latin, Non-Latin and Pi or Ornament subcategories;
  • Design – for Original, Custom or Revived typeface designs.

Student entries are being accepted, though there’s no special category for these typeface designs.

The Type Directors Club Typeface Design Competition is only open for new typeface designs. Extended or revised versions of older, previously published type designs are not eligible.

Typeface Design Competition 2016 Entry Fee

Entry fees for TDC Members start from $45 (US) for single entries, $80 (US) for Type Family entries and $150 (US) for Superfamily entries.

Higher entry fees apply for Non-members and late fees apply for entries submitted after 11th December 2015 and no later than 8th January 2016.