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Urban Landscaping Competition in Kyiv for Euro 2012

The City of Kyiv is launching a competition for the best urban landscape design of the central area of Kyiv within the framework of preparation for UEFA European Football Championship Final 2012 and for more distant future.

The competition is going to improve the image of Kyiv as a European capital and show to the international community the result of effective collaboration between the authorities, renowned specialists in architecture and modern urban design, and general public.

Please consider that the registration deadline for this competition is 10 February 2011.


The aim of the competition is to suggest the best urban landscape design of the central part of Kyiv within the framework of preparation for European Football Championship Final 2012 and to outline general development principles of this territory for a more distant future.

The main objectives of the competition are:

  • to draw the attention of professionals and general public to the poor state of urban landscape in the central part of the city;
  • to suggest effective solutions to this problem, adopting a responsible attitude to nature, city and future generations, with the prospects for European integration;
  • to involve remarkable Ukrainian and foreign specialists in architecture, urban design and landscape design, both as participants and members of the jury;
  • to define on a competitive basis the best urban landscape ideas for the central part of Kyiv;
  • to consolidate the efforts of authorities, professionals and general public and to create a precedent of transparent and effective collaboration when solving problems of the national capital.


The competition envisages one “First Prize” of €10,000 and seven “Second prizes” of €2,000 each. The author of the winning project has the priority right to continue working on the project towards its realization.

The organizers of the competition may also invite authors of the top 8-10 projects to work on the detail drawings after the competition.


  • This is an open international competition in architectural design, which has only one round.
  • Architects, urban planners, landscape architects and designers who are licensed specialists and hold a degree in the relevant field can take part in the competition.
  • Every participant can submit only one project (in one variant).
  • All the projects should be submitted in English.

How to enter?

Register on the official website, no later than 10 February 2011. Then you can submit your projects until 1 April 2011.