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Venus Febriculosa Design Contest 9: Visualizing Verse

Venus febriculosa, the website devoted to contemporary literature and the art and design of books, is hosting its ninth design contest called: Visualizing Verse: The Narrative of Illustration.

A particularly evocative poem has been chosen and Venus febriculosa is inviting artists from all over the world to come up with an illustration of this text — as ‘literal’ as possible, in visual terms, to the text.

The top ten entries will be included in an academic publication and the winner will be awarded $500.

Enter the 9th Venus Febriculosa Design Contest – Visualizing Verse: The Narrative of Illustration

The contest is to provide an illustration for the poem The Unmade Bed. The poem is unfamiliar and is presented anonymously so that the artist’s response is not conditioned by preexisting knowledge.

This contest is part of a research project that investigates the relationship between and verbal and the visual; more specifically, to what extent an image (or a set of images) can effectively capture the essence of a text, and how this process of illustration occurs.

The purpose of the contest is to foster interest in literature and music and their relation to the visual arts.

For the poem and complete requirements for this contest, please visit the Venus febriculosa website.