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Visions of the Future 2010 – International Festival of Sound Visions

Visions from the Future turns bright looks to the earth and the sky inspired by cosmological and cosmogonic visions, explores the alchemy of our earth, our history, the social evolution, spirituality and the mysteries surrounding man.

Visions of the Future 2010 calls all the video makers and audiovisual researchers to create, shaping image and sound, works that pass through us to imagine IRIDESCENT WORLDS.

All the works which will pass the selection will be screened at the Cinema Massimo in Torino with reply at Hiroshima Mon Amour.


Visions from the Future was born inside Cronosfera Festival as a video contest, a venture devoted to visions, researches and Space-Time perceptions amongst the new generations, and although remaining inside Cronosfera Festival, keeping its trail-blazing spirit, broadens and presents itself separately as a Festival dedicated to Video, with projections, video installations and evenings of Audio Video Live performances.

Visions from the Future aims to be an international window for works realized with the new media technology, starting from Video, declined in all its meanings and modes. A festival that fuses Cinema, the Audio-Visual world and new technologies, conjugating Science and Art. A festival that gives place to digital culture, to interactive sistems for artistic applications and to audio-visual performances.

Today more than ever the reflection on personal and collective future, Science and Science Fiction have shifted from a sociological to a personal and daily context, in a plot of past, present and future more and more intriguing. The Artistic expression, ever since, anticipates and expresses thoughts, anxieties, individual and collective feelings. Visions from the Future dedicates the filmic imagery to the future, and investigates expressive tools of special topicality, proposing what is of human interest in the world of the new media.


Send your applications in the following categories:

  • Video:
    • Short movies: all videos standing in the cinematographic tradition.
    • VideoArt: all art creations realized with video.
    • Computer Art: all computer generated videos, characterized by editing and animation.
  • Live Media:
    • All projects to be performed live through the assemblage Projections and Audio, all livecinema projects.


Video Awards

The Panel of Judges will award the best works in the contest the following prizes:

  • Visioni dal Futuro 2010 prize for the best Short Film
  • Visioni dal Futuro 2010 prize for the best Video Art Work
  • Visioni dal Futuro 2010 prize for the best Computer Art Work

The jury may highlight with special mention, other competing works of particular value.

Live Media Awards

For the Live Media works the Jury will award:

  • the 2 best Live Media projects, that will be invited to be performed live. The reimbursement of travel expenses will be covered for up to 3 people for each winning work. All those who have been selected, can participate at their own expense and exhibit their work live, reporting their presence at least 2 weeks before the Festival The place of performance will be supplied with audio-video equipment.


  • The participation to the competition has no age limits and is free.
  • The winners will receive a notice two weeks before the beginning of the festival.
  • Incomplete applications will be automatically excluded from the Competition.
  • All the works which will pass the selection will be screened at the Cinema Massimo in Torino with reply at Hiroshima Mon Amour.

How to enter?

Please download the official entry form for detailed instructions on how you should complete your application.

The required materials must be sent to the following address:

Alfavì – VDF [mark the work’s category]
via Vignale 11,
10132 Torino,