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Yilong Futuristic City International Design Competition

Yilong Futuristic City International Design Competition is an initiative for a conversation on the modern city life founded on nature and an opportunity to build a futuristic city from scratch.

Yilong District is the most promising area in Guizhou, China, and its core area-Qiushui Lake is facing a revolution in urban design. With Qiushui lake area as the design objective, this competition is looking for a futuristic and sustainable new city.

More than $80,000 will be awarded in prizes, of which approximately $30,000 are reserved for the 1st Place winning project. Certificates will also be awarded and Honorable Mentions will be announced.

The winning projects are expected to be implemented, and detailed proposal is in accordance with the determination of local government.

Yilong District was established in June 2013. It is located in the joint part of Xingyi city, Xingren county and Anlong county. Due to the mild and humid climate and constant erosion of water, the local landscape has unique features from natural erosion and dissolving limestone. There are extensive and complicated underground water network, vulnerable to soil loss and stony desertification. As the human is conquering an increasing amount of natural territory, conflict is emerging. There is an increasing need for construction site, and pressure on the preservation of typical agriculture land. The area has an extremely fragile and sensitive ecosystem.

As the core of southwestern China, it is a mountainous region with many small cities and different ethnical minority groups co-living together. Also, it serves as the connection between the southwestern border and the in-land China. Nowadays, the enclosed cities from the agriculture era is arriving at its end, and the city with its global awareness for the future is arriving. How would the development of future cities accommodate the natural landscape, regional culture and diverse characteristics?

The Yilong Futuristic City International Design Competition is organized by Yilong District Management Committee and CBC (China Building Centre), sponsored by Guizhou Louna Architects Commune Cultural Development Co. Ltd, and media supported by Urban Environment Design (UED) Magazine.