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Young Package 2011 – International Competition of Packaging Design

Young Package 2011, the international competition of packaging design is accepting entries for its 16th edition. The challenge is to create a package for your national product.

The 16th annual international competition aimed at students and designers up to 30 years of age from the whole world comes with two new topics. The first prize has increased to €1000 in each category!

Since its foundation in 1996, the Young Package competition has achieved an international reputation and a distinctive position among competitions for young designers.


The competition is divided into two categories.

  • Product Package: the first is more closely linked with industrial practice, with the theme aimed at either a product, or a group of products. The goal however is not to limit the participants by the package production process, but to find new ways, new ideas and possibilities.
  • Different View: the second category offers a different angle of looking at package, working freely with the package theme – the box.

You can read more information about the topics of Young Package 2011 on the official website.


  • €1000 – 1st prize in the Product Package category for university students and young designer of up to 30 years of age
  • €1000 – 1st prize in the Product Package category for high school students
  • €1000 – 1st prize in the Different View category

Within the competition, a special Slovak Centre of Design prize will be awarded.


  • High school, college, university students, and designers of up to 30 years of age can register.
  • With their entries, participants do not include any CDs or portfolios; they can use the registration form, which provides room for description.
  • Entries can be sent in any dimension, but in a free printed form.
  • It is recommended the language used to be English, Czech, or Slovak.
  • If more works are registered, than each work must be registered separately.

How to enter?

Entries sent by postal service will be accepted from participants registered through the online registration form.

Mail your entries to the following address:

Vojtěšská 3
110 00 Praha 1
Czech Republic