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2014 World Bamboo Design Competition

To develop excellent designs utilizing a bamboo motif and seek development direction for exploring sustainable bamboo industrialization in the future, the World Bamboo Fair Damyang Korea and World Bamboo Organization are hosting the 2014 World Bamboo Design Competition.

Both Korean and international designers and those interested in design, including students – as individuals or in teams – are eligible to enter.

With a total prize fund of $51,000, the 2014 World Bamboo Design Competition has been created to raise awareness for the upcoming World Bamboo Fair Damyang Korea 2015 and the 10th World Bamboo Congress.

The competition is divided into the following three categories:

  • Transportation: The mode of transportation should have internal and external components made from bamboo.
  • Household Supplies: Household Supplies made from bamboo which utilize traditional techniques or other methods.
  • Architecture: Eco-friendly building design made from bamboo considering both practicality and functionality.

Following jury review, the Grand Prize winner will be awarded $10,000, the Excellent Prize winner $5,000, and the Encouragement winner $2,000, respectably, for each category.

The winning works will be displayed during the World Bamboo Fair, beginning 17 September until 31 October, 2015.