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The Unbelievable Challenge, Architectural Ideas Competition

Ruukki, in cooperation with Helsinki Design Week, Snøhetta and the City of Oulu, Finland, is calling for entries for The Unbelievable Challenge, an open architectural ideas competition for creating a logistics center for Mr. Santa Claus.

Mr. Santa Claus needs new and creative ideas for a logistics centre located near the Arctic Circle in Finland and as a responsible constructor and investor wants to revitalize the area that is mostly known for its huge parking lots, unattractive industrial buildings, fences and CCTV cameras.

The Prize is a 10-week, fully-paid internship for one person – approximately valued at 25,000 Euro – and the opportunity to work on fascinating projects at Snøhetta, in Oslo, Norway, from the end of August 2015. The winning participant will also receive a cash prize of 1,000 Euro.

The submitted proposal is expected to clearly present the idea (the problem & the solution) for a fully functional logistics center that helps the competition site in Perävainio to be transformed from a mundane industrial area to something new and attractive.

The competition is seeking ideas-level solutions, and hence the participants are not limited in strictly formal implementations.

The Unbelievable Challenge ideas competition is open to professional architects and designers, or students in these fields.