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2022 International Busan Design Award (IBDA)

Busan Metropolitan City, Busan Office of Education and Design Council Busan are calling for submissions to the 2022 International Busan Design Award (IBDA).

Applicable designs include, but not limited to: architectural designs of the pavilion of World EXPO 2030, environmental designs to improve the landscape of Busan, new design of BI for Busan Metropolitan City, design of BI for World EXPO, character designs, World EXPO’s promotional posters/webtoons/videos, etc.

The designer who submitted the most persuasive work will receive the grand prize with 15 Million Won ($12,500+) for the prize money.

Entries can belong to one of the following categories, all of which drive toward the goal of creating and developing the field of industrial design, as well as boost the competitiveness of relevant industrial products to advance the overall industrial development.

  • Free Theme
    • Communication Design & Service Design
    • Product Design & Environmental Design (including Public Design)
    • Craft and Fashion Design
  • Special Theme
    • World EXPO 2030 BUSAN (Supplemental Prizes)


  1. General public : Undergraduate and graduate students, all individuals and organizations
  2. General students : Elementary, secondary or high school students, students preparing for university entrance exams
  3. Invited/Nominated Designers : Invited/Nominated Designers of the International Busan Design Award

Please find the complete details on the official website.

2022 International Busan Design Award (IBDA) – Entry Fees

  • General Public:
    • Undergraduate and graduate students, individuals: Free
    • Organization: KRW 100,000 per 1 entry piece (payment upon entry submission)
  • General students: Free