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24-hour Sundial – Architectural Competition

The IDEANOVA Foundation Team invites you to participate in the international architectural and astronomical competition to design the “24-hour Sundial“.

10 major Polish academic centers support our competition by encouraging students to submit their designs, among which are the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, University of Arts in Poznan and Opole University of Technology.

A total of 25 000 PLN (approximately $6,550) will be awarded and the winning project, once constructed, will be exhibited on the square at the foot of the Wawel Royal Castle, Powiśle 11 Street in Krakow.

The participants’ task is to design a small or medium-sized mobile architectural form representing a sundial. The mechanism of the sundial should operate in a 24-hour system (indicating the time after dusk) and simulate the motion of the Sun along the ecliptic.

The winning project will be built and exhibited in Poland, near the Wawel Royal Castle in Krakow.

The projects may be submitted by teams of several people and by individual participants, in particular by students and university employees.

The prize pool of 25,000 PLN contains the following prizes:

  • Main prize: 15 000 PLN
  • Audience award: 5000 PLN
  • Second place award: 3000 PLN
  • Third place award: 2000 PLN

For applications, competition regulations and project guidelines please visit the official website.