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3D Printed Lamp Design Challenge on i.materialise

In order to show you just how powerful and easy SketchUp is, i.materialise got together with the Google SketchUp team to devise a design challenge that will test your product design and SketchUp skills to the limit.

i.materialise has decided to let you make your very own 3D printed lamp. An actual lamp, unique, one of a kind, designed by you, complete with light and stand.

The top three designers will win their own one of a kind lamp 3D printed by i.materialise!


Can you design the most original SketchUp lamp?

The design guidelines for the lamp, the fitting and the base can be found here.

You should hide the light bulb in your lamp design. Not just for aesthetical reasons but because the produced light can be pretty bright.

The Google SketchUp & i.materialise teams will jointly judge the contest to try to find the most original 3D printed lamp. The judging will be based on the following criteria:

  • Is the lamp original?
  • Is the lamp practical?
  • Does the design make optimal use of 3D printing technology?
  • Does the designer exhibit good SketchUp 3D modeling skills?

Out of all these criteria the most important is originality but please don’t forget that i.materialise has to be able to make the lamp!


The top three designers will win and their own one of a kind lamp 3D printed by i.materialise! The lamps will come complete with design stand and light. On top of that, a free license for the brand spanking new Google SketchUp Pro 8 from Google will be given to the best designer.


  • By submitting an entry (which includes 3D file, pictures and text description) to the challenge, you grant a non-exclusive, royalty free, worldwide permission for i.materialise to display your design.
  • i.materialise has the right to 3D print any submission and to use it for marketing purposes.
  • By submitting your design to the challenge, you state that you are the sole creator of the model and that you don’t infringe any copyright issues.

How to enter?

Upload the model and a screenshot of your creation on the official website.