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NEoN 10 Festival Character Competition

International digital arts festival, North East of North (NEoN), has launched a design competition focusing upon this year’s curatorial theme, “character”.

NEoN invites entries from any individuals who are passionate about design, whether industry professionals or casual doodlers.

NEoN 10 is a seven-day international digital arts festival featuring moving image, performance, music and technology driven arts.


Download the design template and create your character design.

Categories for entry:

  • Industry Guru – if this is your full time vocation then this is for you
  • The Layperson – if you dream about this being your full time vocation
  • For the Kids (under 16’s) – exactly what it says on the tin!


Designs for a chance to win £100, NEoN conference tickets, exposure on our marketing and a chance to see your design on a Teetonic tee-shirt.

Winning designs will be used on NEoN printed materials, 2% of which will be available for you to keep.


By submitting your NEoN character design you agree:

  • To give NEoN permission to use your designs for competition promotion.
  • To give NEoN the right of exhibition and publication of your design.
  • To give NEoN, if chosen as a competition winner, full permission to use on any marketing material relating to NEoN.
  • To give NEoN permission (if selected) to submit your design to teetonic’s online t-shirt competition.
  • To guarantee NEoN that you have the copyright to the design and all parts thereof and indemnify NEoN against any copyright claims against your submission by any other designer.
  • If your design is chosen as a competition winner 2% of NEoN major print runs will be available for you to keep.
  • If you are under the age of 16 your parent or guardian reads and signs this in addition to yourself.

How to enter?

Please sign and send your entry form either to or post to:

NEoN Character Competition,
Hannah Maclure Centre,
University of Abertay,
Top Floor Student Centre,
Bell Street,