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Mind-Blowing Color Competition on Behance Network

Color is one of the strongest elements of design. Color attracts the eye and can influence emotions, moods and judgment.

The right color choices can help communicate a message and greatly increase a design’s chance of success.

Behance and Pantone invite you to participate in our “Mind-Blowing Color Competition,” which recognizes creative minds that push the boundaries of color in their work.


Submit any project from your portfolio that exemplifies mind-blowing color.

Submissions will be judged on how colors are used in the piece, how they impact the design, and help communicate the intended message. Judges will also be looking for innovative color combinations and bold use of color that adds to the work’s appeal.


  • Grand Prize: “Pantone Studio Plus – Design & Play
    • Pantone PLUS Reference Library (14-piece set)
    • Fashion+Home Color Specifier
    • Fashion+Home Guide
    • Color Cue 2.1
    • ColorMunki Design
    • Color: Message & Meanings
    • Set of 6 Pantone Mugs
    • Set of Pantone Notebooks
    • Weekend Stay at Pantone Hotel in Brussels (Hotel Only)

    Total Value – Over $2,500

  • 1st Place: “Pantone To Go
    • Pantone Essential with Effects
    • Pantone Solid Chips Coated & Uncoated
    • HueyPRO
    • Pantone Notebook

    Total Value – Over $800

  • 5 X 2nd Place Prizes: “Pantone PLUS Essentials Kit
    • Pantone Essentials

    Total Value – $329


  • Only one entry per user is permitted.

How to enter?

Register on Behance Network if you don’t already have an account and submit your entries.