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6th International Marianne Brandt Contest 2016

Kunstvereins Villa Arte is hosting the 6th International Marianne Brandt Contest, inviting young designers and photographers to participate with works based on the theme for 2016 – Material Effects.

The Marianne Brandt Contest is a non-commercial competition, supporting works that ask: What can we, what should we create these days? Works that aim to explore the potential for poetry and beauty in the sense of an art of living.

The award is endowed with a prize of 15,000 Euro which will be presented in three categories. In addition, three honorable mentions will be announced in each category. Special, company-donated prizes will be awarded as well.

The theme of the 2016 competition — “Material Effects” — draws upon the question of today’s understanding of material – before the overarching background of shifting material topographies through global consumption and transformations of today’s landscapes, it is also suggesting the materials own agency and our way of relating to it.

Entries are possible in the following three (3) categories:

  • Product Design
  • Photography
  • Experimental Design

Competitive entries are expected to address issues about the contemporary use of material in a visibly and contextually clear way, with an artistic, scientific and creative treatment of the topic that considers ecological, social, economic and cultural effects.

The creative legacy of the Bauhaus artist Marianne Brandt is the origin of this competition, a further reference point of the competition therefore is the heritage of modernism and the ideas of the Bauhaus.

2016 International Marianne Brandt Contest Participation Fee

The participation fee is 30 Euro. Each participant will obtain a free copy of the book accompanying the contest.